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Recovery begins

Is your athlete


Reduce Pain. Heal Faster. Get Stronger. 



Imagine rehab where you are the priority?!

  • Patient First Focus  

  • 1-on-1 care

  • Access to Provider 7 days a week

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

  • Video Exercises for Home Care

  • Goal Oriented Treatment Plans


Reduce Pain


Gain Confidence 


Get Stronger

Get To Know Us

Founded in 2022 by Dr James Jonas, Accelerate takes rehab to the next level. Whether you are healing from an injury or trying to maintain peak physical fitness, our methods allow us to help patients bounce back quickly and live pain-free in less time with less time spent in therapy. Accelerate takes sports rehab to the next level. 


Imagine being pain free. We’ll get you there. 

An injury should not take over your life. 

Thorough diagnosis and great care reduce recovery time. 


We specialize in shoulder, hip, knee, and foot pain. From rotator cuffs to feet there is an answer.  Whether you have tendon pain, muscle strain, or chronic pain we have a solution. 


We utilize current research and advancing technology to improve outcomes. We tailor the program to your needs. 

This helps our patients get back to life without pain faster and better than before. 

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Saving Time & Making Treatment Easier

Using these techniques and technologies reduces the amount of time you spend in pain and in rehabilitation.


Attend fewer appointments

fitness (3).png

Feel better, faster

fitness (2).png

Get stronger than in traditional rehab

fitness (1).png

Get back to living life the way they did before their injury

Using the best research to achieve the best results 

Accelerate means you can live a normal life again

An injury shouldn’t be a reason that you have to give up your favorite activities, or miss participating in events with your friends and family. Our all-around approach to treating our patients’ injuries is getting people back on their feet, and back to doing the things they love, with the people they love most.

James Jonas DC spent decades understanding pain and recovery. First on his own and then 8 years with Airrosti Rehab Centers. He eventually led them in total resolution rate. Dr Jonas left Airrosti in 2022 to open Accelerate in New Braunfels,Tx. His passion being to push the limits of what rehab is capable of. 

How can I fast track my life to being pain free? 

Click the Link Below to find a convenient time for you to discover how Accelerate can help you start building your stronger, healthier, pain-free life.

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