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Stay in the game               with Accelerate

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Past patients include:

Gold medalists:


X Games Athletes

National/International Powerlifting

Professional Sports:


Collegiate Athletes:

 Auburn, UAB, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, UH, TLU, Ball State, Air Force, and Stanford.

FOR Parents

What do parents think when an athlete is injured?

Are they really injured? 

Are they being dramatic?

 Do I need to let them rest? 

Should I make them push through? 

Do they need an Xray or MRI?

Why are they always injured?

What do athletes think when they are injured?

Am I really injured?

Am I letting my team down?

Am I letting my parents down?

How long will this take?

Will I always have this injury?

Will I be able to keep doing what I love?

Is something really damaged in my body?

Can I hurt myself more?

Sports Team Portrait

  These are always the first questions we want to answer with any athlete. 

  We do this with a great exam and history followed by time getting to know the athlete not the injury. 

  We can send for imaging if necessary or to orthopedics if we think we need to rule out red flags, but most of the time we are able to do 2 things in that first visit:


  1. Answer what the problem is, so we can get to fixing it. 

  2. Answer why the problem is, so we can get to fix it. 


  Your athlete comes out of the first visit educated on how to protect themselves and heal as well as empowered with tools they can use to keep up the progress. 


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