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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What conditions do you treat?
    Plantar fasciitis Ankle sprain Shin splints Knee ligament injury Jumper’s knee Hamstring strain Groin Strain Strained quad or hip flexor Back pain Neck pain Rotator cuff injury Shoulder impingement Elbow Pain Tennis elbow Carpal tunnel Arthritis (Pain and Dysfunction) Swelling and lymphedema Other strained or torn muscles Chronic pain Recovery from orthopedic surgery If you have questions about how we can help you please contact us.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not take insurance. We do accept HAS/FSA cards. We can also provide you with a super bill to submit. In worst case scenarios the visit will go towards your out of network and total out of pocket deductibles. Insurance is not there to get you back to 100%. Insurance is there to make sure you won't get worse. For this reason we do not want insurance telling us how and when to treat you.
  • How often will I be seen?
    That depends on your condition, progress and need. We cannot guess ahead of time. This is why the exam is the most important part of the treatment. Time spent in diagnosis is time saved in treatment. Most patients notice significant changes in 2-4 visits. Once out of pain we have several options to help you stay pain free.
  • How much does a visit cost?
    New Patient New Patient is $150. This is a reduction of our hourly fee. We want that time to do a thorough exam and ensure that you are in the right place. This discount is our gift to you. Follow Up Follow up visits are $100-200 depending on time. This allows us the freedom to create treatment plans that match your time and budget. Add on services are also available like the Master Reset and Direct Current Foot/Hand bath which can reduce the per visit costs. New Injury Most exiting patients with a new injury are 30 mins unless they feel they need more time.
  • How long is each visit?
    Each new patient visit is 1 hour. Follow ups are 30mins-1hr depending on need. Unlike a lot of physical rehabilitation and chiropractic we take the full hour with you one on one to see you get the most from each visit. Plan to be there early to change or prepare for the visit. Remember that this is your time and money. We want to ensure it goes to your recovery.
  • Do you take Medicare?
    We do not participate in Medicare. Medicare will only reimburse chiropractors for the manual adjustment. We DO NOT treat with manual adjustments at anytime for any patients. Because of this we are not required to submit claims to Medicare. If this is something you feel you need we can suggest several excellent doctors in the area.
  • What should I wear?
    Loose fitting clothing or tanks tops with access to shoulders and back. Because we use pads and scan all areas associated with an injury, we need skin access to shoulders back hips and legs. If you do not have appropriate clothing, we will not be able to treat you and this may cause you to forfeit your visit with appropriate fees. Yoga pants and sweats are not acceptable for any back or lower body injury. Please wear or bring shorts to change into.
  • Is the Nuebie safe?
    The Nuebie is an FDA approved Class II Medical device. It is very safe under the guidance and prescription of a licensed provider. The Neubie is approved for: Maintaining or increasing range of motion Increasing local blood circulation Neuromuscular Re-education Preventing atrophy Reducing spasms Preventing venous thrombosis after surgery Management or relief of chronic pain Management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain It should not be used in patients who have a cardiac pacemaker or are pregnant.
  • Where can I learn more about the Nuebie?
    There are countless videos and articles here on the Neufit website.
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