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Accelerate’s revolutionary rehabilitation techniques ensure you feel better fast and have the tools and understanding to stay pain free

Fewer Visits 
faster Recovery 

Accelerate is not for everyone. We believe in empowerment not dependency. 

Traditional Rehabilitation

  • Lengthy, requiring weeks or months

  • Maybe weeks before feeling relief

  • Won’t necessarily get you back to ‘normal’

  • Focuses on physical movement

  • Passive, the doctor does all the work

  • Costly, with many visits, even with insurance

Accelerate’s Recovery System

  • 2-4 visits on average

  • Start feeling relief right away

  • Start loading the tissue immediately

  • Works with the nervous system and the body 

  • Teamwork, the doctor helps you learn how to help your body

  • Reduced overall cost with fewer visits

shoulder pain, shoulder rehabilitation, physical therapy
lower back injury, lower back rehabilitation
knee rehabilitation, physical therapy
Dr Jonas hip rehabilitation

Empowering YOU to Heal 

Professional athletes have the best physical therapy options available, because it’s their job to get back on their feet and in the game.

Why should you be treated like less?

From Sports Rehab to general aches and pains we have you covered. Specializing in knees, hip, shoulders and feet. 

Combining the use of state-of-the-art technology with strength training helps you reduce pain quickly and get back to normal.


Minimize time spent in pain

Recover quickly and get back in the game faster

Get back to living a normal life, rather than adjusting to living in pain


Here is what a typical first visit looks like.

  • Comprehensive History and exam

  • Education and explanation of diagnosis

  • Discussion of treatment plan, options, expectations and prognosis

  • Reduce pain with targeted treatment including soft tissue work, movement modification, exercise, direct current technology 

  • Load tissue to sustain results

Our Goal is for you to BE BETTER 

I love seeing my patients, but I don’t want you coming into my office with the same pain for the next 6 months. That’s why we use this unique method of combining the latest technology with your body’s natural healing abilities to reduce pain quickly and get you feeling better sooner rather than later.

I work with you to ensure we knock out your pain in just a few visits, because nobody wants to wait to get back to their life.


You are the solution to your healing, I just help you get there fast.


Let’s get to work.

-Dr Jonas

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