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Our Story

We are never satisfied. We are always looking for better. For our patients and from ourselves. This lead us to create Accelerate. We promise to make you the individual the priority. You will never get cookie-cutter routines or prescriptions. Our focus Is on helping you understand your injury and your body as well as the latest in pain research, neuroscience, and rehabilitation. Focused on shoulder, hip, knee, and foot pain. Accelerate makes physical therapy and rehabilitation faster and more efficient. Pain should not stop you from doing what you love. 

 You aren’t a patient you are our passion. 

James R Jonas D.C.

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Dr Jonas knew he wanted to be in the healthcare field since a young age. After attending Southwest Texas State (now Texas State) University he went on to get his doctorate from Parker University with a BS in Health and Wellness in 2007. Dr Jonas has spent over 15 years in clinical practice seeing over 15,000 injuries. In that time he was an industry leader in resolution and completed treatment plans. He has taught continuing education in pain, neurology, patient outcomes, and clinical applications. Despite this he still saw gaps in the current models that focused solely on structure. He wanted to focus on current and emerging research that shows the nervous system is key in healing. He founded Accelerate with the purpose of focusing on the neurology of healing and adding technology into practice. He is passionate about giving the best providers the opportunity to be cutting edge and evidence based. He believes in healing the person, not the diagnosis. Dr Jonas wants everyone to be the leading expert in their own life. He continues to be active in continuing education courses for the sake of knowledge in the hopes of staying ahead of the competition. He is a New Braunfels native where he lives with his wife and 3 boys. When not in practice he takes part in many outdoor activities and is an avid guitar player. 

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